“Marriage is sacred in Africa and beyond,
because it solidifies relationship that enrich
communities and nations by bringing new life
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THE TRAVELER- A Short Story!

Me, I laugh at you.

“Why?” You ask.

Tonight, one minute to the eve of my 33rd birthday, I’ll die. Jesus died at 33, why not me?

“You’re Jesus now,” you scoff.

How dare you laugh at me? We shall see who laughs last.

I won’t die on a cross -no, nothing dramatic like that, though I do wish I could beat that. Your Jesus takes the crown for that one, you see. But it’ll be my cross, and my pleasure, which I’ve carried from birth until now that’ll kill me.

You don’t believe me. You’re still laughing. Watch! Read More


I stepped into the house and my phone went off. It was the hospital closest to our home, calling to say that my wife was ready for discharge.

“She had a miscarriage last night,” the nurse said over the phone, leaving me bewildered. “But she’s fine now.”

But I was about to become more stunned, for as soon as I brought Chichi home from the hospital, she confessed to me that she had forced the miscarriage. It was her own way of punishing me for our fight. Read More