Hello dear reader. Take your time to read this as it could change your financial life forever

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I want to  you to a tested and proven system that guarantees you steady income into your Bank account . This system is embodied by a platform known as Crowd Rising .

Crowd Rising is a global platform that earns you money by a peer to peer donation system. It’s a program that makes you money while you sleep.

I will make this explanation as brief as possible, highlighting also the differences between this system and other network businesses.

Crowd rising is a peer to peer payment platform where you pay others in order to get paid too. This simply connotes that there is NO central account where all monies are paid and disbursed, rather, members pay directly to each other in order of uplines and downlines. (uplines are people above you, while downlines are people below you)

Stages of the program:
There are 15 stages in the program where you can earn six figures 😀.

Stage 1: This is the first and least stage. Here, you register and you will be automatically paired with someone who is an existing member from any part of the country. You are expected to make a donation of 20USD which in naira has an equivalent of N7,400 to the person for stage 1. You will find the needed details of the person ranging from the bank account number and phone number online. Then feel free to contact the person and tell them you are supposed to make payment to them.

So he or she can upgrade you to stage 1. This is necessary in order to ensure the person you are making payment to, is alive and active. Now the system gives you 3 days to pay, after which failure to do so gets you blocked. Now after making payment you are expected to fill a form online to indicate you’ve made payment, and upon confirmation from the person you paid to, your account will be upgraded to stage1. You will be qualified to receive payments of N7,400 from five members. Now take note, these five members can be gotten in 3ways. I will explain these ways

1.  THE DIRECT REFERRAL SYSTEM: This direct referral system involves you inviting or telling people, your friends, colleagues, or wards about it and they get interested and want to join, they will join under you which entails them to make their stage 1 donation to you. Now note that you can only have 5 people directly under you for stage 1.

2. THE SPILLOVER SYSTEM. Now this is the interesting part, for those who might want to join and then they can’t talk to 5 people. CROWDRISING has a very powerful spillover system, now remember I said you can’t have more than 5 people directly under you for stage 1. This doesn’t mean you can’t invite more than 5, because the 6th person get spilled over to your downlines, and they fall under your level 2, 3, 4 or even 5 depending on where the system spills them over to.

3. THE RANDOM MERGER SYSTEM. This happens when someone goes to the site without a referral link, and then the person will randomly get spilled to anybody in the platform, Now this rarely happens but it does.

Now after you receive stage 1 donations, amounting to 7400 * 5 which gives you 37,000 the system gives you 2days to upgrade your account to stage 2 or you get soft locked, ( now when your account is on soft lock, your account isn’t blocked, rather it stops you from receiving any further donation or spill overs until you upgrade.

In Stage 2:
You are merged to a member to pay a 40USD donation amounting to the sum of N14,800. When your payment is confirmed, you will automatically qualify to receive same amount from 25 persons. Now you are not obligated to invite these 25 persons before you can have your own stage 2 earning. So, you pay 14,800 and get 14,800*25 = 370,000. Complete payment in this level takes 8days – 3 weeks at most depending on how fast your downlines are. it is also due to publicity as it is a very new system.

The same thing happens in Stage 3.
Here, you pay 60USD equivalent to 22,200 to a member matched with you, and you will get 22,200*125 = 2.7million. This takes approximately 30days plus. The system works with a multiple of 5 on every level

Stage 4:
Here you pay 100USD equivalent to 37,000 to one person and then 725 people pay you 37,000 to upgrade. I think you should punch a calculator and get the outcome.  Now imagine you get 20 Stage 4 donations and 10 Stage 3 donations in one month.

For those who might be asking if someone can’t eat their money and not upgrade them. Now Crowdrising has a very active support and anybody you pay has 24 hours to approve or reject your donation after u fill the upgrade form. So upon having your proof of payment, nobody can eat your money, as your payment claim will be investigated and if found to be true. You will be upgraded and the person you paid  to will have his or her account blocked.

The stages continue till the topmost which is stage 15. You are free to stop at any stage, but who wouldn’t want to make it to stage15?? Before highlighting the differences I will share my own experience

I joined crowd rising in early November 2016, that’s about 2 months now, I am currently in stage 5 and I have made over a million naira and as a matter of fact am still receiving alerts of donations  from stage 3  and 4 upgrades because I am done with stage 1 and 2. I have screenshots of my early payments attached. I however don’t release the screenshots of the latest earnings for security reasons. Nobody joining this platform now, is paying me 7400 because I’m done receiving that and the people already under me will make donations to me even in 10years +. Because the system is built in such a way that whenever someone wants to upgrade the person has to pay before they can. And you can’t upgrade someone to a level you are not on already.

Differences b/w this system and other network businesses :
This system is unique in many ways. I will highlight them here under.

1. Fastest payment system ever:
The cardinal selling point of this system is fastness. No need to waste many days just to be paid peanuts! Now the system works with a soft lock feature which enables everyone upgrade to the next level so as to avoid getting soft locked which will cause you to miss donations and by this everyone earns money.

2 The Spill over system.
The greatest challenge of most networkers is the ability to convince others to join their network. This bottleneck has been made easier by this Spill over feature and by the advent of this system. All you need do is register and as this link gets broadcasted spill overs occur.

3. LONGEITIVITY: Crowd rising is a system built to have you earning for a very long time. Now 95% of Nigerians are unaware of crowd rising but it came on board as at March 2016 and has been growing stronger. There are currently just about 290 thousand members on this platform worldwide as at the time of this write up, of which we might have at most 100 thousand Nigerians as members, which I’m very sure it’s not up to. Out of a population of over 160 million Nigerians. Imagine the opportunity open for you if you are actually reading this. Now Crowd rising has a goal to hit a million participants worldwide this year, imagine the impact, and if Nigerians get in early enough The whites that come in late will actually make their donations to us.

Note that, the benefit of using the link on this write up is that, it will enable you get merged with a Nigerian, so you don’t go through the hassles of sending money outside, which might be a bit difficult for you and also this link is being circulated around the country, so random matching occurs most time

Many other benefits abound but I shall leave you to decide for yourself.

When you are done deciding, join us in making the cash😀 now that you have the opportunity.
4. Every new member is given 3 days to pay up or will be removed, this is to avoid stagnating payments as it is only meant for serious members

Evidence of my earnings below…

The link is

Now if you have any question comment or inquiry to make. Feel free to
mail us on or
join our BBM channel onC003017FF for updates
Call, Text or WhatsApp; 08188605469

See you at the top when you register

Nobody has ever come to this business with more than 7400 naira. But people have earned more than a fortune from this. I am a living testimony
Don’t be afraid to try new things.


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