Checking out my news feed on facebook, I
couldn’t help but notice a shared post by a

it was a picture of a famous Nigerian
stephanie Rose, previously known as Dapo
Adaralegbe a Nigerian transgender who resides in
the Netherlands. Any sociological definition on
social change will fall back on it being “the
alteration of mechanisms within the social
structure, characterised by changes in cultural
symbols, rules of behaviour, social organizations
or value systems”.
It can be observed that the behaviour and
attitudes of people towards sexual activities has
undergone pragmatic changes over the decades.
shocking news such as; father who forcefully
raped his daughter, mother who conceived for
her biological son, brother and sister having an
open affair, husband having a mutual sex with
wife’s mother etc dominates the news headlines.
As if this is not enough some Nations of the
world have now embarked on the legislation of
same sex marriage. Meaning male couples and
female couples are normal scenes on the streets
in such countries, abomination!.
Transgenderism is another phenomenon that is
becoming rampant in the contemporary world.
Essentially, the concept is defined by mariam
webster online dictionary as “relating to or being
a person (as a transsexual or transveslite) who
identifies with or expresses a gender identity that
differs from the one which corresponds to the
person’s sex at birth”. It is often said that God
created man in his image. However, it is
disheartening and unthinkable to realise that
there exist some people in the world who are not
contented with the way they are being created,
and so therefore need to transform to the other
sex or gender as the case maybe.
Be it as it may, the typical African culture does
not encourage such orientation as gayism or
lesbianism, as they are anathema to the moral,
cultural and spiritual values of the continent.
This which inform the various anti-homosexual
laws which are generally used as pretexts for
general arrests of gay and bisexual men,
gathered in public or private places, even when
not engaged in sex. The concern is that we
Africans have a problem sociologists termed
“xenocentricism” .. Which is a situation whereby
you consider your values, traditions, practices
and heritage as inferior to the other groups. We
are always willing to accept whatever is in
practise in the western world, whether good or
bad, as transgenderism is a phenomenon that
started in the west(1800). Theologically speaking
(Religion wise) both Islam and Christianity are
against all these sexual atrocities , both an imam
and pastor will tell you they are signs of the end
of the world, an assumption I reckon with. Take
a pause and think..are the sins of the kingdoms
of Sodom and Gomorrah more punishable than
these atrocities ?. My personal opinion is that,
the world is still in existence because of God’s
patience and Grace. However, there signs of the
end time are evident, as they manifest in the
case of life expectancies which is now very low.
Nowadays, you see a very young person at a very
tender age, who is a patient of hypertension,
asthma and the likes. If you have an interaction
with a very old village woman, she has no idea
about of these disease, not to talk of being a
patient. This to me may be attributed to their
conformity to the “social law of nature”. Hiv Aids
are still incurable. To make it worse, Ebola virus
is around. Climate change is another threat, as
the rate at which rain fall as change compared
to the past decades. (Although, the reason to
that can be proven scientifically). If the rain
later decide to fall in recent years erosion and
flood are what it result to. It was recently
reported that flood occasioned by heavy
downpour in ilorin kwara state. As shops, houses,
electric poles and vehicles were destroyed by
the devastating flood in some parts of ilorin
metropolis (Leadership news paper). All these
are signs that, the angel is cleaning up his dusty
trumpet. To conclude with, there has been
several attempts by the countries in the west to
manoeuvre African leaders to accept and
legislate homosexual right. As it is now practised
in South Africa, whose constitution is now open
to gay rights. Am using this medium to implore
African countries to follow the foot step of
countries like Zambia and Nigeria, who boldly
reject the influence of western countries in their
bid to initiate Homosexual bills in their respective
countries. ” As wielding of a carrot and stick in
form of aid, which are given under strings
attached are not enough for mother Africa to
lose her moral and spiritual integrity”.
Futhermore, social media has proved to be a
very effective and efficient medium of getting
people informed. Different articles, and hashtags
such as; # saynotohomosexuality­ should be
trending, in a bid to combating homosexuality in
Africa. Finally, laws against homosexuality should
not only be severe, but also dogmatic.#sayno
tohomosexuality # saynototransgenderis­m
Written by :
Abioye Abdulazeez Olumide (A. K. A Hon.


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