See the Job approval ratings of Nigerian presidents from 2007-2015 released by NOI

According to this poll conducted by NOI and shared by presidential media aide Mr Shehu Garba, 70% of Nigerians say they approve of President Buhari’s job performance in June which marked his first 30 days in office. Results of the poll showed that the north-east, north-central and north-west recorded the highest approval percentages while South-east and south-south recorded the lowest.

Those who were interviewed said they approved of President Buhari’s performance after 30 days in office because the security has improved (20 per cent), he has good intentions and he is good so far (16 per cent), and stability of electricity (15 percent) among others.

In addition, the deteriorating power situation in the country seemed to have improved by a whopping 27 points up to 44 per cent (June 2015) from 17 per cent (May 2015) as Nigerians claimed to have experienced more improvement in the month of June 2015. 17 per cent of those interviewed said there has been no improvement while 22 per cent stated that there is no difference at all in power supply in June 2015.


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