Scott Walker Seeks to Calm Conservatives as He Joins 2016 Race


As Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker kicks off his presidential campaign, he’s being called a flip-flopper. It might be the best he could have hoped for from conservatives who initially viewed him as an inconsistent ally and are still not fully convinced that Walker really is one of them.

On issues important to conservatives, Walker has shifted positions or adopted new rhetoric as he prepared for his national campaign. The litany of changes includes same-sex marriage, abortion rights, immigration, education standards, Obamacare and corporate subsidies—all litmus tests for the deeply conservative voters in Iowa and South Carolina. And in each case, his new views help his effort to capture the GOP nomination.

But even among his likely supporters, he still is facing some hesitation. Yes, he’s saying the right things and became a conservative hero when he gutted union rights for state workers. But does he mean it? That’s his biggest…

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