*Zimbabwe in Transition*
*What does tomorrow holds for Zimbabwe*
 Life after Mugabe! 
So Robert Mugabe resigns as the president of Zimbabwe as at 21st of November 2017 after a tyrannical rule of 37 years. Now this cost a sense of euphoria in the street of Harare in Zimbabwe, everyone celebrating that the only ever known leader finally resigned; A Zimbabwean said that yesterday was another independence.

 now there is a lot of sceptics as to if this is another replacement of the dictator with another in Emmerson Mnanagagwa(The former Vice President under the rule of Robert Mugabe) or it is a transition to a democratic era in country. We need not forget that Mnanagagwa was a major catalyst in the Mugabe rule. The man called the *”The crocodile”* has a past with violence but now says he’s is in a democratic Zimbabwe. He is hoping to be sworn in by Thursday to run down the remaining 1 year term left before elections would be held next year.
The current heroes of Zimbabwe (The Army) are still in the streets as at the moments though are expected to return to their base soon.
*Question of the day?*

What is the way forward for Zimbabwe?




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I join my fellow Nigerians in celebrating this year’s independence day.

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